Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lite Lift and how does it differ from a traditional facelift?

The Lite Lift provides:

  • less scaring (short scar technique)
  • a quicker recovery
  • no need for general anesthesia
  • a more natural look (pull is vertical in direction)

Not everyone requires a traditional facelift to provide beautiful, long lasting results. The Lite Lift is a minimally invasive option that addresses aging of the face and neck. Patients are offered a personalized experience from their first consultation, through recovery and on.

How does the Lite Lift differ from a mini facelift?

“Mini Facelift” is a generalized “catch all” term that can mean different things depending on the doctor you ask. This often makes the real definition difficult for a patient to pin down. It typically only addresses the skin. The, Lite Lift, however, addresses the deeper muscle layer providing the patient with a thorough, natural, long lasting result.

Who are the best candidates?

Any healthy individual wishing to address the signs of aging in the lower face and neck. Anyone interested in a refreshed look.

Does the Lite Lift offer natural results?

YES! This is one of the best attributes the Lite Lift offers. You will still look like yourself, but with a more youthful and rested appearance. Because of the vertical nature of the pull, it simply re-positions the facial tissues back where they were prior to the aging process resulting in a very natural look.

Is general anesthesia necessary?

Absolutely not. Our primary goal is to ensure the comfort and safety of our patients. About 75% of our patients choose to have the Lite Lift with an oral sedation and local anesthetic. However, we’re happy to offer other anesthesia options so our patients are able to choose which one they’re most comfortable with.

  • IV Sedation (aka Twilight)
  • Oral sedation with local anesthetic
  • General anesthesia

How long will the results of the Lite Lift last?

Forever. You will continue to age which depends on many factors including genetics, lifestyle, and skin elasticity, but you will always look younger. The effects of the Lite Lift will be with you forever.

What is the recovery like? How soon will a patient feel comfortable being seen in public?

Patients usually feel some tightness, firmness under the skin, and moderate swelling & bruising during the first week. Most patients feel comfortable being out in public shortly thereafter. It’s best to allow one to two weeks depending on the individual.

How does the Lite Lift differ from the Life Style Lift that you hear so much about?

Life Style Lift is a national chain with surgeons of various training & experience; not all have been board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Our surgeons offer several anesthesia options to ensure the patient’s optimal comfort.

  • We’re an aesthetic practice with board certified plastic surgeons who have been serving Orange County for over 25 years. They are both credentialed at Hoag and Long Beach Memorial.
  • We strive to give our patients individual attention and care – While the Lite Lift is a vertical shortscar facelift, each one is customized to meet the patients unique needs.

Why don’t all plastic surgeons perform this procedure?

Our doctors have pioneered the Lite Lift procedure. It is individualized for each patient; not one a “one size fits all” approach.

How long have Drs. Horowitz and Nichter been performing the Lite Lift?

For more than 10 years. We’re proud that our doctors are passionate about continuing their education; they are always researching the latest in plastic surgery techniques to ensure their patients are getting the best possible care and results. Our doctors paid attention to their our patient’s comments about wanting a procedure with a quick recovery, shorter incisions, local anesthetic, and a more natural looking result.